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We are here to make your machines produce more effectively in tone more precisely according to the plan

We create technologies aiming for sustainable industry. As a technological start-up on the middle grounds between machinery and IT, we have created unique machine diagnostics. We provide solutions and services for technical status monitoring of manufacturing machines. Our services

Our services

Predictive maintenance of machining equipment

Get more detailed information on the status of your machines.

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Predictive maintenance of forming equipment

We diagnose machines at the hardest operational conditions.

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Machine malfunction diagnostics

If your machine is already suffering from a mechanical defect, we will help you.

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Order contract development and services

Use our know-how to develop new technical solution.

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Are you a manufacturing company?

We will increase the utilization of your machines and reduce your overall maintenance costs. Thanks to detailed overview of your machine’s technical status, you will be able to plan your entire production process more efficiently. I WANT THIS

Are you a machine manufacturer?

Our technology will allow you to improve your machines and increase your competitiveness. Your customer will have access to machines with higher utility and added value. This way, you will fulfil the idea of industry 4. I WANT THIS


Our solution had already been implemented for a number of renowned machinery companies. Thanks to this, our clients are better at planning their production, saving their maintenance costs or production tools such as leaves and sanding material, taking the quality of their products to the next level.

Find out more on our implemented solutions and become another company that has better overview of its machines.

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