What has Amper brought us? New business contacts and experience for future events 4.4.2018

4dot has participated in the international Amper fair on 20th March – 23rd March. There were over 600 exhibitors largely from the electrotechnical sector, coming from 28 different countries and the far was attented by over 40 000 people.

Right in the first day during the morning, we’ve received the first bunch of people visiting our stand as a part of the so-called Amper tour – an organized tour among selected stands at the fair, for which people could register in advance. At our stand, our sales manager Martin Podešva was the one giving a short presentation about our technology and its benefits to the participants.

But ever after Amper tour ended, we’ve been still quite busy at the stand. There were both visitors stopping by who only wanted to briefly inform themselves about the possibilities of predictive maintainance and also visitors who wanted to go more in-depth about specific problems that they encounter in their companies. It was as well common that participants from the Amper Tour who were intriqued by our presentation came back to talk about how we could implement our technical know-how in their industrial devices. ‚We were obviously ready for both types of visitors – for those only wanting basic information in an understandable form and for those who wanted to discuss in detail about the technical solution. There were both people from our sales team and the technical specialists at our stand“, the CEO Jan Otoupalík commented.

On Wednesday, there was another round of Amper tour, this time with even more participants. The CEO of 4dot also gave a presentation at a seminar focusing on the changes of maintainance in the era of Industry 4. Compared to the presentation given during the Amper tours, this presentation was more focused on experts who already are quite familiar with the topic. „Apart from the presentation, we also had the chance to have a discussion with other presenters and with the audience,“ Otoupalík added.

On Thursday the last round of Amper tour stopped by, the rest of the day was dedicated to networking. „We have established contacts with the representatives of production companies which are looking for a suitable tool for predictive maintainance of their machines as well as with systemic integrators in the area of automation who are often met with requirements of their customers to monitor the condition of their industrial devices‘, Martin Podešva explained.

Thanks to Amper, we have gained new business contacts and also valuable experience for the October international engineering fair in Brno and for similar events abroad.

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