4dot among the finalists in the Connect Visions to Solutions competition 31.1.2018

More than 80 start-ups from all over the world participated in a competition organized by the Czech-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce. The main focus of the competition was intelligent infrastructure. 4dot was able to advance among the small group of 6 finalists, despite the steep competition.

‚Even though the field where 4dot is active is very technologically demanding, we have managed to to develop a technology that has demonstrable results. We have also successully implemented the technology at some of the top manufacturing companies‘, CEO Jan Otoupalík explained what enabled 4dot to stand out among other start-ups.

The participating start-ups came from 17 different countries and were specializing in different fields. Industry 4.0, the field of 4dot, was among those fields. To be more precise, 4dot focuses on diagnostics of industrial machines and predictive maintainance. This helps companies to secure a smooth and sustainable running of their production and saves them money and time.

‚The structure of production is continuously changing. We’ve moved from factories full of identical machines to technologically developed high-capacity assembly lines which have significantly higher productivity. For securing the economic profitability, it’s necessary to maintain the assembly lines in a state of full operability and to avoid unecessary malfunctions that can shut down the production. This is what 4dot technology helps with‘, the CEO J. Otoupalík explained. He further adds: ‚We enable the automative industry to make more reliable cars at a cheaper price. We also make the technology more eco-friendly and thus help creating sustainable industry that is necessary for the development of our society. The same effect applies in other areas of industry.‘

Companies like Bosch, E.on, Škoda Auto, T-Mobile or Siemens were among the partners of the competition. All finalists have won consultations at one of the companies and also a year-long membership in the Czech-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce. The consultations will take place in February and 4dot plans to use them as a support for entering markets abroad.

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